Horrific Nature

Hungry Cannibalistic Crab Spider!

June 20, 2016 // 34 Comments

  Chainsaws. Spider fangs. Same difference, right? When you’re the size of a lady beetle, then they may as well be the same thing. Horror has a variety of nasty forms. A rip-roaring chainsaw chews through the air (or something else) like a soulless mechanical glutton. When you hear that [Click Here & Be Scared!]

Tiger Beetle Murders Ant!

June 6, 2016 // 29 Comments

  Nature is horrific! It’s true. There are stingers and fangs behind every leaf. Take for instance this lovely six-spotted tiger beetle. Most people think tigers live in the jungle. These people would be mistaken…because there could be a tiger in your backyard…right now. And [Click Here & Be Scared!]