Psycho Secrets: Terence Tourette Tucker

A man with filed incisors who claims to be a direct descendant of Count Dracula. He’s a serial blood drinker who dubs his victims Bloody Mary. He hides in shadows, comes out at midnight and hovers outside first floor bedroom windows. At night, he’s been known to whisper, “Come out, come out wherever you are.”

He was caught red handed when he met his match with his last victim, who was a heavy tequila drinker. Terence sucked her dry so fast, he himself became inebriated. So much so that when he tried to escape, he stumbled over his cape, conveniently wrapping himself to go for the police.

  1. Take your medication, and then try to solve Terence Tourette Tucker’s riddle
  2. Leave a comment
  3. All participating lunatics will have a link to their website placed underneath the crazed bat

!!** Terence Tourette Tucker’s Riddle **!!

What is sensitive, cries, comes in different colors, and is invisible, but only to itself?

 Terence Tourette Tucker Created By Karina Pinella

 !!** BATTY BIN **!!




Matthew Tonks 

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20 Comments on Psycho Secrets: Terence Tourette Tucker

  1. Terence looks frighteningly like one of my secondary school teachers.

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  2. Terence has quite the name! I hope to never “see” him outside my bedroom window.

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  3. Reblogged this on Karina Pinella and commented:
    You’re invited to haunt Dead Donovan. Come see what’s in store for a bit of horror. Thanks for the memeries.

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  4. “What is sensitive, cries, comes in different colors, and is invisible, but only to itself?”
    My ego!

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  5. Terence drinks blood, and he can also boggle the mind. Very talented.

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  6. I love to window shop
    Especially what I can’t
    Afford,and I love
    The carrots that
    Make me move
    As Sheldon Always

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    • Carrots make you move? Hmm. Like a donkey with a dangling carrot in front of it or like a bowel movement? Your words always intrigue me! Thanks for participating.



  7. I didn’t sleep last nite
    I believe it was 4am when I got to you
    Who knows what I meant
    As Sheldon Always

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  8. The darkness be damned, I felts so confident of so many answers, but a mirror always nixes it, so, I’ll go for what cannot be seen in a mirror, a vampire!

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  9. We need some more ice breakers. Ahem


  10. What is this ?????

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