Something Lurks In The Grass!

Monster Guessing Game



Monsters are all around us. Some are tiny. Some are big. But there’s one thing these monsters have in common—they’re real!

You don’t need to scour the creative dimensions to discover horrific entities. Six-legged abominations live in the same world as you do. Let’s magnify a creepy-crawly’s reality and ask ourselves: what is that?



Hey! It looks like you have a tail and some horns! You must know a thing or two about monsters. Examine the macro photograph, then use your demonic knowledge to figure out what the monster is.


Post your ideas and guesses in the comment section!


** The monster will be revealed in 24 hours. Come back and visit the post to find out the answer **

** The Monster Has Been Identified **





If someone successfully guesses what the monster is, then its identity will be revealed as soon as possible, and the winning detective will forever be praised! All investigators will have a link to their website or blog placed at the end of this post.


** Be specific! Try to narrow down your guess to a particular species **


HINT: the monster is rumored to inhabit grassy fields

Master Monster:

Monster Specialists:


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11 Comments on Something Lurks In The Grass!

  1. Well I’m guessing a regular ole grass flea but what do I know? I’m intrigued and will return. ~~dru~~

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  2. Grasshopper of some sort?

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  3. Aw, it is the cutest grasshopper! How far were you away from it when you took the photo?

    Liked by 2 people

    • I used reverse-coupled macro photography to photograph the grasshopper’s close-up portrait, and that required the lens to be about an inch away from the grasshopper (same scenario with the leg image).


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  4. I think mice are the monster in My world
    As small as they are
    They will drive me up the wall

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  5. Hey, you were one of the ten bloggers that I nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award. They said that I was supposed to tell you so you can go see the rules that are on my last post. I’ll link it here–

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