Horror: The Frailty of Flesh



Everyone suffered through the pain of an accidental cut—without diligence—our outward identity would be chewed apart by life’s serrated teeth.

A scar is a monument to our frailty.

We intuitively know a life can be trimmed with ease, just like a flower plucked from a garden. When we are kept safe by the distance of a television screen or pages of a book, it does little to protect us from a primal sympathy that allows us to feel what they feel, whether it be the continual chew of a chainsaw, or the gnaw from a hellish beast. The pain is all the same.

The scars of horror lies underneath the surface of us all.

Life is a blessing and a curse: our consciousness grants us the ability to investigate the shore of curiosity, but at the same time, the frailty of our flesh keeps us forever bound to the grave.

The price paid for life is to be burdened by the curse of frailty—something we all have to learn to live with….

…and die with.


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You look a little pale....oh!...forgive me! My name is Dead Donovan. SlasherMonster is devoted to the dissection of horrific material: articles, short-stories, poems, photography, graphic art -- the stuff that makes your heart shrivel.

4 Comments on Horror: The Frailty of Flesh

  1. What a maniacal metaphorist

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful and dark. How does it make you feel about the frailty of flesh; to know that someday, we all decay? Does it scare you? Does it push you into action or are you, at times, a deer in the headlights? You know the impact is inevitable, so why run away when death catches up to us anyway?

    At times, you write about such deep and serious subjects, but I notice you ask the questions, yet don’t share any answers. I wish you’d let us into your fears; even just an inch. Come on, let’s play chicken. 😏

    Liked by 2 people

    • Great question! This post was merely an observation, and I’m able to respect this particular subject without having to get too personal. I also believe these kinds of observations shed a light on life’s true horrors. Most of us will never encounter a knife wielding manic, but we all suffer the consequence of being soft and squishy.

      Liked by 2 people

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