I See Her When It Rains


*Rain pouring*

She’s standing there all alone.

I’m not sure why

she has been following me.

I feel despair.

Only when it rains does she appear.

I’ve likened to naming her

the Umbrella Lady.

I’ve seen her in the past –

always in the distance…

Until recently.

The last time it rained,

I saw her only a few feet away from me.

I had a migraine that day.

The harder it rained,

the clearer she became.

Filled with cold dread,

I heard her inside my head…



Sinister Dark Soul

!!** Click Here to read the rest of Sin’s poem **!!

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3 Comments on I See Her When It Rains

  1. I love the idea of ghosts and the weather. Excellent poem, Sin. How imaginative you are to come up with the idea of being able to see a woman when it rained! I may have to explore this idea a bit more some day. ☂️👻

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  2. Interesting poem! I wonder what she said.

    Liked by 1 person

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