Five Haiku Poem: Flowers for Death


Deep within the seeds,

fright grows as poppies erupt

blood-red through dark mud.


She picks the flowers.

They die slowly in her grasp.

Their scent fading fast.



As poppies wither

through the night, she dreams of death –

invites him to bed.


With cold hands, he holds

her tight, and she gasps for breath.

Take me now, she says.


As he moves inside,

her heart slows. She shuts her eyes.

One last kiss. She’s his.




Since ancient times, poppies have been symbolic of sleep and death. Opium, which is extracted from the pods, is a sedative. The flower’s crimson color superbly ties in with blood and death. Poppies were offered as alms to the dead in Greek and Roman mythology. During WWI, the flowers were mementos to soldiers who died during battle. Beautiful and macabre, the red blossoms were introduced into children’s literature in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy and her friends were placed in a poppy field and nearly succumbed to an infinite slumber.

RoseMonsterPoem By Poet Rummager

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Rose’s haiku poems were inspired by Inese’s brilliant post, Secrets.

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55 Comments on Five Haiku Poem: Flowers for Death

  1. Beautiful and haunting, just like the flower.

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  2. Wow, this was a great write. Beautiful ands haunting.

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  3. #2 & 4 were my favorites but they were all beautifully dark. They spoke to my heart. ^_^

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  4. Death is known for one-night stands. Watch out.

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  5. We Only think of death in terms of ourselves
    How will we carry the torch alone
    It’s all a mystery how the ones who are still…..
    Are looking to trying to figure out…….
    When the one who is dead just might be better
    Off without…….
    I’m home dd

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  6. Wonderful. So much better than carnations, don’t you think?

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    ps, death is loose and does wear bright colors, as accents….it is those of us still behind that project the blah grey/black personae. Black is soooooo cool and so is pathos,vampires, and so on and so on but EVERYONE and their brother need some color. ~~dru~~

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    • Sounds positively frightful and lovely! I’m in, Dru. Will there be games?


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      • Games but of course….

        Pin the Tail on a Tale, Dunking for Asses, Story Tellin’ for the “Who be Yellin’?”.

        In Mexico we’ll hit the winner of the “Who can put more candy in their mouth at one time” Winner with paper mache batz, that leads us into a spontaneous game called “I’m Batz about You!”; followed with Batty…who knows?

        On one night there will be a pajama party slash champagne breakfast; including a pillow fight with everyone in their underwear (or NOT) and rocks in the pillow cases….thus the need for champagne in the late A.M. and possibly eggs. I like Lox but we’ll take a vote. Onions and Garlic are de ri·gueur; so we can sort out the vamps from the zomz; and the nutz from the chocolate; and the bon`e fides from the not so bona fides/ and the bonez from the bones; and the wankers from the wanna beeeeeeeez. Oh and the dead from the living after the party slash champagne or not necessarily in that order.

        In Japan, we’ll light every candle we can find AND anyone who passes out. So in Japan limit the sake or wear fire retardant clothes. Or give into an old flame.

        On any island that suits, shrunken heads are suggested attire but not required.

        Charades MUST always have a Macabre theme but the harder to get the better; so that others can act out what they think is the theme and stupid people that don’t know and say “I don’t get it” will be eliminated before the rest of us eat them. Puns are on the menu, hunting down dummies is not mandatory only suggested.

        Every night of the tour no matter what, there is a dance; with whom, how done, what theme, location, and dessert; is up to each groups participants but there is no planned schedule and no rules, except every night and one participant constitutes a group. It is just if asked in the mid-morning any day…”Did you Dance? The Answer must be YES!

        I’m only the activities coordinator, the bookkeeper, the creator, the potential elective god and for sure….a participant. The floor is open for suggestions.


        ps: no one will get in trouble with US for sleeping with Death…that is between the two consenting adults…However, Death may not rape on this tour….just actively have fun.

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        • Oh my gosh! I loooooove the games you’ve come up with, Dru. Charades with a macabre theme? I am so down on that! Haha!! Rocks in the pillow cases — bloody yeah. Dunkin’ for Asses? Hilarious, but that game, I’ll have more fun watching than participating in, think! I’m Batz About You sounds really cool, and I’m glad the bats will be paper mache.

          Remind me to invite you to all the parties I’ll be having! Ah, you’re funnnnnny!!! ❤

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    • Let me know what to bring to the Death Ceremony! Maybe a fruit platter with a sweet bloody dip?

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  8. Beautiful and deadly! Thank you for the mention – now after reading your poem I think that the green lady in the window could be the one who prepares a death bed for her human lovers whom she seduces. You just added another secret to the place 🙂

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  9. Monochrome nightmares // September 15, 2016 at 4:08 pm // Reply

    Five wonderfully dark and
    death embracing Haikus Rose. 💀

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  10. as long as it’s one last kiss
    nice,long,and slow
    Death is just another orgasm
    Ah but how sweet a kiss to be my last
    The Provoker

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  11. Oooh- LA LA you make death sound romantic

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  12. I think we should have blood pudding
    Chicken hearts are good too
    Cow brains

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  13. Wonderful set of haiku poems! I loved the first and the last one most. the illustrations by Rose are just perfect, needless to say… 🙂

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  14. jmespinozaauthor // January 13, 2017 at 2:19 pm // Reply

    love it!!!

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