The Maze

Poem By J.T. O'Sullivan

Tepid tapered streams seamlessly Flow through rigid rivers in each Creaking crevice of his mangled Maze-like mind. Each turning twisting twirling whirling Step and stone through flesh and bone Beyond the walls a man; Alone.

Past tooth trapdoor and serrated claw –
Horror gore and corridor.
From frantic fright to bone-deep bite,
Only cantered courage leads to light.

Survive and surpass such a tolling test.
Each faultless feat shows you’re best.
Doors with locks and chains and keys –
Unhinged like foes left on their knees.

“To make it thus far tis a proving
Performance but just before you
Complete the conformance,plunge
Your sword through your mail and Breast I do decree.

For no man, woman, beast or god
Will ever hold claim of this maze…

…But me.”



By J.T. O’Sullivan

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J.T. O’Sullivan 2016©


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16 Comments on The Maze

  1. Loved it! I also subscribed to the authors blog. ^_^

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  2. You rock, Mateo! Thank you for posting for me. Joshua’s poem looks lovely. Because of your skills, my drawing is amazing! I’m sending the miniatures and a special thank you gift very soon. ❤️ We land back in Seattle in 2.5 hours. Woohoo!!

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  3. Great poem…I love the word flow and use of rhyme.

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  4. Great illustration!

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  5. Great poem, loved the illustration. Good times.

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  6. Phoenix Risen // July 11, 2017 at 5:56 pm // Reply

    Wow! Great poem, killer art work! Love it, love it, love it!!

    Liked by 1 person

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