Poem By Bryan Hughes

Under my feet
As I step close
To your resting place


Dug from the ground
Piles of brown dirt
That you will replace


Thuds onto you
Covers the smile
On your sweet face


I pat the earth down
My whisper ‘goodbye’
There’s no other trace





By Bryan Hughes


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Bryan Hughes©




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18 Comments on Earth

  1. Woop woop!

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  2. Make sure to clean the dirt from underneath your fingernails! Don’t want to leave anything behind.

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  3. The sound the dirt makes when it hits the casket
    You haven’t lived till you have actually hear it
    It’s an experience that you will never forget
    That and when you see them carrying someone out
    Gots lots of those stories
    Nothing like the kiss of death
    The Sheldon Perspective

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    • I hear those reverberating thuds all the time…if I had a heart, the sound would be as consistent….like a drum. Thanks for visiting, and I always look forward to what you have to say — always unique.

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  4. Nice looking choir. So photogruesome, er, I mean photogenic.

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  5. Great image to go with a cool poem—or is it a song? Could easily hear it set to music. Enjoyed, thanks.

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  6. I can hear the shovel gouging the earth, the labored breathing, the soft, satisfied laugh as the last as the dirt is patted down over that “sweet face”. Dead…gone…forgotten.
    Love it!!! 😀

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  7. Powerful images. Good write.

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