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Fifty Words Story Collaboration: Ripped

by Dead Donovan in short story

  “Don’t try my patience, Henrik, we agreed when this all started that we would be as one; the aim the same, and they would all pay,” she says, through blood stained teeth; spit flies from her mouth. It lands on the ground before her; seeping into the brown clay of the earth. Words still try to form in his head, as Becky’s blood soaks into his shoe, mixing with the urine that runs down his leg. Her cries and screams, still ringing in his ears. “Are you even paying attention to [Click Here & Be Scared!]


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Halloween 2016 Event

Carve Your Pumpkin Halloween Event

by Dead Donovan in Games & Events

  Grab a knife and prepare to get pumpkin guts all over your hands. SlasherMonster Magazine needs you to stick a squash where it hurts the most! Brand your own artistic design into the skin of a pumpkin—your devilish jack o’ lanterns will be featured right here on SMM, and will be entered into a contest for a chance to win a $50 eBay (or Amazon) gift card to be emailed to the winner!   Carve a pumpkin (any size, color, or type). The pumpkin must be carved and not just painted [Click Here & Be Scared!]


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